Linda Dekam C.C.T.

Infrared Sauana

The healthy benefits of the Far Infrared Saunas are becoming more and more necessary to help with the detox load are bodies are carrying every day. The video explains the health benefits of using the Far infrared Sauna.
Dr Colbert is a well known integrative Medical Doctor who uses the Thera Sauna in his practice.I hope you will consider using this tool in your wellness journey. Please call to book your appointment.

Our Skin is the largest elimination organ of the body. Sweating is fantastic in that it opens up the passageways of the skin and allows toxins to release freely. Infrared saunas are specially designed dry heat saunas for deep cleansing (esp. of heavy metals). The Infrared rays (not to be confused with ultraviolet rays) penetrate the body up to an inch and a half deep causing the liquid within our cells to vibrate, shaking free bonded toxins and allowing them to flow out into our circulation  away from the tissue. This internal heating also stimulates the immune system and increases the production of white blood cells and anticancer proteins.