Colon Therapy



What is Colonic?


Colonics, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation are all the same treatment.

Here we will refer to the treatment as a colonic.


A colonic is a safe, gentle procedure of washing the large intestine/colon with pure filtered water. The water hydrates as it begins to loosen and remove excess fecal matter that is congesting the colon.


A Colonic consists of safely & efficiently detoxifying the colon; using a colonic machine & the skills of a Certified Colon Therapist. 


The main purpose of colonics is to open up all parts of the colon, for efficient elimination of toxic waste and to restore the peristalsis action  of the colon.


We use safe temperature and pressure controlled, purified water, with sterilized disposable Speculum/hoses kit. After each colonic the entire machine is completely

sterilized. We use clean fresh linens for each new client. Actual therapy time is approximately 45 minutes.


Number of colonics needed depends on the  Accumulation  of toxins, ability to release toxins and how you follow the recommended  nutritional and detox programs.



Why Colonics ?


The colon can become congested for many reasons such as stress, poor muscle tone,

chronic constipation, past or present dietary habits. When there is excess matter in the colon, this acidic matter is released throughout  the body via the blood and lymph system leading to selfpoisoning also known as autointoxication or self poisoning. Colonics can clear out the colon; strengthen the colon so it can function more effeciently and effectively. Consistently, people experience a sense of wellness and vigor.


With regular colonics many people feel relief from the following conditions.


. Constipation or diarrhea

. Excess gas

. Bloating

. IBS Irritabale bowel syndrome

. Skin Problems

. Bad Breath

. Need for laxatives

. Back pain


So if you are in or near Bakerfield, CA and want us to be a part of your wellness journey please feel free to call us and make an appointment or get more info.